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The EuroShop 2017


Whether it’s cool, cold or frozen, each food has its own "favorite temperature" – the one at which it should be stored or presented. This requires plenty of energy and time for permanent monitoring and controlling. ebm-papst is coming out with more fresh ideas surrounding intelligent cooling in supermarkets: more energy efficient and reliable, quieter and optimally interconnected.

The Highlights

ESM MODBUS with a serial interface


For years, ESM has been the first choice when it comes to energy saving, reliable cooling in supermarkets. The new serial interface with MODBUS-RTU communication can now take care of many monitoring, controlling and control functions both during operation and remotely. Especially practical: the new module is mechanically compatible with the current ESM series. And thanks to 24 VDC power supply and easy plug & play connection to building technology, it ensures continuous freshness.

K1G 250


The new K1G 250 diagonal fan features noise- and airflow-optimized operating properties in the middle pressure range – the perfect prerequisite for use in refrigeration units. If you choose the drive with an economical EC motor, you get even more benefits: higher efficiency, an ultra compact design and exceptionally long service life. And with the optional plug-in module, the control characteristics are outstanding. The entire, completely certified functional unit also features impressively simple plug & play assembly and installation.

W1G 250


Normally, two fans per running meter are used in supermarket refrigerated display cases – which are in operation almost 24 hours a day. More efficient technology delivers significant energy savings here. Unlike conventional solutions with shaded pole motors, the energy-saving axial fans from ebm-papst achieve triple the efficiency level – at an energy consumption level that is around one-third lower and with less noise. The new W1G 250 also plays an important role here. It is aerodynamically optimized, even quieter and – key for environmental performance.



The engineers at ebm-papst have successfully developed a modular system suitable for a variety of applications and installation situations – with an optimized efficiency of up to 54%: AxiBlade. 

The system is based on new axial fans with aerodynamically improved fan housings and integrated diffusers. They increase pressure, which minimizes outlet losses and noise at the same time. 

AxiBlade uses popular AC motors alongside high-performance, energy-efficient EC motors. With programmable interfaces, wireless parameterization via RFID and status LEDs.

The result: perfect interconnection options – and more cooling per square meter.