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Here you can download the latest brochures and catalogs on our refrigeration products!


  • HyBlade® Premium Hybrid Fan - The New Composite Material for Axial Fans

    (Edition 2011-03-01T09:12:29.000Z) [PDF] 1.58MB

  • AxiCool Fans - A breath of fresh air in refrigeration technology

    (Edition 2016-08-01T07:55:00.000Z) [PDF] 2.5MB

  • EC medium pressure axial fans - The efficient system solution

    (Edition 2015-06-01T08:03:00.000Z) [PDF] 1.55MB

  • Ex-protected fans with EC technology - Saving energy safely

    (Edition 2014-08-01T08:08:00.000Z) [PDF] 1.6MB

  • Energy-saving axial fans - unit cooler - A solution specifi cally designed for unit cooler applications

    (Edition 2014-11-01T09:15:00.000Z) [PDF] 2.57MB

  • Energy-saving fans K1G 250 and W1G 250 - Ideal solutions for refrigerated display cases

    (Edition 2017-06-01T08:04:00.000Z) [PDF] 436.27KB

  • It’s All a Matter of TechNiQ - NiQ: Our latest generation of energy-saving motors

    (Edition 2016-01-01T09:13:00.000Z) [PDF] 2.36MB

Discover ebm-papst at the supermarket


Discover ebm-papst at the supermarket - Innovative ventilation and drive solutions for increased efficiency.

(Edition 2017-09-30T22:00:00.000Z) [PDF] 793.9KB



  • Catalog

    EC axial fans – HyBlade®

    (Edition 2015-09-01T08:43:45.000Z) [PDF] 121.68MB

  • Catalog

    AC axial fans - HyBlade®

    (Edition 2010-07-01T08:57:43.000Z) [PDF] 16.52MB

  • Catalog

    EC axial fans - HyBlade® for ventilation technology

    (Edition 2016-06-01T08:44:00.000Z) [PDF] 33.48MB

  • Catalog

    EC/AC axial fans - AxiCool

    (Edition 2017-04-01T08:59:00.000Z) [PDF] 39.36MB

  • Catalog

    Energy-saving fans with ESM, ACi and iQ/iQ² motor

    (Edition 2012-01-01T09:59:00.000Z) [PDF] 3.92MB

  • Catalog

    60 Hz: Axial and centrifugal fans with AC motor sizes 094/110/138

    (Edition 2009-07-01T08:58:00.000Z) [PDF] 13.86MB

Frequently asked questions

All air performance measurements are conducted on intake-side chamber test rigs conforming to the requirements of ISO 5801 and DIN 24163. For further information please refer to our catalogs.
All noise levels are measured in conformity to DIN 45635 and ISO 3744/3745. For further information please refer to our catalogs.
The balancing grade is tested in accordance with DIN ISO 1940, quality level G 6.3. Should your particular application require a higher quality level, please contact us and specify the details in your order.
Vibration testing is performed in accordance with DIN IEC 68 Part 2-6.
Please contact us if you require a specific type of approval (VDE, UL, GOST, CCC, CSA, etc.) for your ebm-papst product. Most of our products can be supplied with the applicable approval. Information on existing approvals can be found in the product-specific data sheets.
Our products are used in a variety of industries and for numerous applications. Our products are not designed for use in the aerospace industry!

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Do you need help? Our specialists would be pleased to contact you.