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ACi tubeaxial fans

The ACi sets new standards for universally applicable tubeaxial fans.

ACi tubeaxial fan

The use of GreenTech EC technology made it possible to develop ACi products that are superior to existing AC fans, offering far better efficiency, a compact design, quieter operation and a longer service life.

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A breath of fresh air in cooling applications: The ACi 4400.

The ACi 4400 axial fan is based on an electronically commutated drive unit. With its control electronics, this type of motor reduces consumption by around 80% as compared to conventional standard AC fans.
It is also thanks to the electronics that the motor and thus the fan are so flexible. Their broad input voltage range of 50 to 265 V (with 50 or 60 Hz) makes them suitable for all supply networks worldwide. 
Being just as shallow as the conventional 119 mm AC fan, direct replacement with the ACi 4400 is no problem.

The use of new materials also made it possible to reduce the weight by 55%.
And, last but not least, the wide-range power supply cuts logistics costs and so makes operation of these new fans much more economical for installation manufacturers and end customers alike.




Energy-saving fans with ESM, ACi and iQ/iQ² motor

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