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Top performance under pressure:
the new AxiEco series.

Imagine an athlete who confidently performs at their best when everyone else has long fallen behind. The new AxiEco Protect axial fan is just the same. It's when it's put under pressure that it really shows what it can do. It even withstands high counter-pressures, making it truly durable, efficient, and quiet.

As a result of its features, the AxiEco Protect is stable under pressure and thus ideal for use in refrigeration, ventilation, and air-conditioning technology, as well as mechanical engineering.

The key product benefits:

  • Superb efficiency due to the optimized impeller geometry, even when equipped with a short nozzle
  • Steep air performance curve, meaning excellent pressure stability
  • Completely consistent series

Good to know:

The entire AxiEco series from ebm-papst meets the requirements set out in the new ErP Directive. When it comes to obtaining the CE mark for your end device, this means you get total peace of mind when you choose ebm-papst. And you'll be that decisive step ahead of your competition, too.

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performance and the various sizes!


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