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Quiet operation in mixed and urban areas

In addition to industrial applications, cooling towers are also to be found in mixed and urban areas, where they are employed for cooling the data centers of banks for example. Quiet operation is of the utmost importance in such cases.

This is where the strengths of EC axial fans come to the fore, as they are capable of generating high air flow rates with low pressure.

The advantages of ebm-papst fans in cooling towers:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Quiet operation
  • High air flow rates with low pressure
  • Instantly ready for use thanks to plug & play

The ideal fan solution for every type of cooling tower.

Ready to deal with all requirements.

There are various options for the air supply in mechanical draft cooling towers, depending on their design. Axial fans offer excellent performance with high air flow rates and moderate pressures. Centrifugal fans are designed to overcome high pressures with a limited air flow rate. 

The good news: Regardless of whether you opt for induced or forced draft, ebm-papst can always provide you with an efficient and reliable solution for your purposes.

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